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University Management Software: A way to Keep Students Safe?

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Political and social instability (not only in India but also abroad) has been a cause for concern on a global scale. The younger generation is especially not safe from the effects of the circumstances that they can’t influence, and it ultimately becomes a threat to them. A very real example of such a threat is the lack of physical security provided to them on university grounds. Whether it is bullying or sexual harassment or worse (terror activity), students are vulnerable to these threats as and when they take place.

University Management Software to Help Ensure Student Safety

A university management software might just be the first line of defense when it comes to the security and well-being of university students coming in from the hostel on their homes to the university. That’s right, it’s not just academic management that can be made a lot smoother with the right software, security management can be a lot better, too. The university management software can help in coming up with a robust protocol for dealing with security threats at the university.

Here’s how the software can make that happen:

1. Automatic SMS Notifications

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and most models come with advanced features to support different needs. All mobile phones have their merits and demerits, but we’re not here to talk about that. Their basic function is to keep in contact and communicate in a timely fashion. Though the professors may rightly hate them because of the fact that they are an easy distraction to a conducive learning environment, they’re important for the university. A university management software that sends automatic SMS notifications directly to parents’ phones in times of security threats could be a life saver in times of crisis.

2. Management of Transport Facilities Provided by the University

Every parent, no matter how old their son or daughter is, remains worried till their child comes home safe and sound. University going students’ parents are no exception. There are transport facilities provided by a university to a student for their daily commute to and from the university. A university management software that tracks the university branded vehicles across different devices and platforms can be incredibly useful. Whether it’s a daily commute or a university picnic, it helps if parents as well as students are reassured that they will reach their destination(s) safely.

3. Immediate contact with Student’s Guardians

A university management software has a database of records of students including their parents’ or guardians’ details. It can be beneficial if it also provides easy access to these details to administration and security staff, since an emergency can happen at any time, which may need immediate attention of the parent or guardian. The student may be sick and needs to be picked up from the university clinic or may have gotten into trouble with authorities. In both these cases, the guardians need to be identified and informed, for prompt action.

4. Regular Campus Updates

This may have far reaching effects as a university management software can allow campus updates for keeping students in the loop or check for security updates on their devices. The latter is especially useful when the networks are down.