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Transportation Management Module

Transportation Management Module


Vehicle Maintenance & Transportation System, is designed to keep track of all vehicles, their maintenance and activities in an organization. This system also includes a repair scheduling functionality, part itemization and tracking vehicle data.

The system provides solution to manage the maintenance of vehicles for maximum efficiency and longevity. The activity cycle for each vehicle can be controlled by distance, days, hours or fixed date. Activities can either be scheduled individually or automatically up to any future date.

The system also provides for complete integration of the transportation related issues like route planning, transport fees, etc of students and staff , who use the university transport facility.

Major Objectives:


  • Descriptions of Vehicles, including year, make, Model and Registration Data.
  • General Maintenance History.
  • Preventive Maintenance and repair Tracking for Entire fleet.
  • Tracking of Fuel Purchases and Statistics.
  • Tire Inventory.
  • Deprecation Calculation.
  • Fees Collection
  • Route planning
  • Route changes

Feature List:


  • Vehicle Type.
  • Vehicle Make.
  • Maintenance Workshops.
  • Vehicle Details.
  • Vehicle Officer Mapping.
  • Vehicle Driver Mapping.
  • Vehicle Logbook Creation.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Details.
  • Fees Collection Reports
  • Analysis of viability of routes
  • Various MIS Reports.