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Purchase/Inventory Mgmt. Module

Purchase/Inventory Mgmt. Module

The Stores and Purchase module constitutes the vital role in utilization of company resources as Management view is always to decrease the lock period of its raw material. In this regard, every aspect of business transaction is taken care of by defining the master such as store master, Item master, UOM, Bin master, finished goods master etc. Also the various input transactions such as Gate Entry, Material Requirement Note (MRN), Material Requisition Entry (Internal), Material Issue, Store return, Gate pass etc.

Major Objectives:

Facilitate the movement of incoming and outgoing physical goods involving multiple manufacturers and customers. Decrease overall operating costs by converting manual processes into automated and streamlined processes. Sustain cost savings for all spend categories with a standard, sustainable approach to strategic and operational procurement.

Perform the complete procure-to-pay process, including requisitioning, purchase-order management, and invoice verification. Manage catalog content and enable employee self-service procurement of material and services. Integrate all business partners, including designers, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. Collaborate efficiently with suppliers on product development, purchase-order management; invoice processing, and payment management.


  • Issue Of Items Against Requisition.
  • Item Return Details.
  • Rejection of Items.
  • Auction of Rejected Items.
  • Issue of Items for Job Work.
  • Direct Issue of Items.
  • Stock Transfer Cancellation
  • A.M.C
  • Stock Status (Consumable/Dead Stock wise).
  • Item In / Out Status.
  • PO Generation.
  • PO Cancellation.
  • Purchase Return.
  • Item In Challan.
  • Requisition Of Items.
  • Issue Of Items Against Requisition.