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Admission, Academics and Examination

Modules cover student’s entire academic cycle beginning from registration and admission, taking them through regular attendance, exams and results and ending with issuance of the degree/certificate.
Besides managing course, programs and modules as well as the administration of students from point of admission to award of degrees, it also helps the university in optimum utilization of its resources like academicians and other support staff.

  • Registration by Student
  • Approval of Registration Advisory
  • Allocation Student
  • Semester Update
  • Drop Semester
  • Drop Programme
  • Search on Various Parameters
  • MIS Report
  • Admission
  • Curriculum
  • Student Data
  • Enrollment
  • Course Assignment
  • Generation of Roll Numbers
  • Batch Assignment
  • Mass Registration

Faculty Management Module

Attendance Monitoring

Professional Details

Confidential Report

Respective Links

Time Table Management System

Time Table Management Module stores information about the time table for each course in any College associated with institute. Information can be tracked for the course, semester, subject and day.

Major Objectives:

Being a tedious job to be performed every year, this solution can surely relieve from the overhead of timetable. Using this supportive tool, time table generators would be able to apply their skills and judgment more effectively.


  • Fully automated solutions cost less than manually prepared timetables. Ongoing changes can also be done in a fast and cost effective manner
  • Dynamic Timetable of Students and Teachers.
  • Flexible Architecture Caters to the Needs of Different Time Table Systems.
  • Ability to Search for Available Teachers, Classrooms etc.
  • Manage Teacher’s Replacement, New Joining Teacher, New Subjects etc.

Feature List:

  • Dynamic Timetable for Students and Teachers.
  • Generates separate class Wise, faculty Wise, Subject Wise Timetable.
  • Daily Absent- Teacher Allocation.
  • Course Progress and Scheduling.

Accounts & Finance Module

  • General Ledger
  • Sales & Purchase Ledger
  • Cash / Bank Book
  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • Links to Fees, Purchase & Management Modules
  • Salary Sheet
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Budget Allocation
  • Revenue & Payment Statement

Fee Management Module

  • Fine Details
  • Fees Collection Details
  • Fees Concession
  • MIS Reports to Management
MIMX Product Overview

Human Resource Management System


Human Resource is an organizational function that deals with issues such as recruitment and selection, training, appraisal, compensation and performance management of the employee. HRMS module is web based system to provide HR Staff Managers, Line Managers and Employees to collaborate and manage their responsibilities effectively in line with organizational Goals and objectives.

Major Objectives:

  • HR Staff, Line Managers and Employees to manage their responsibilities effectively across all departments.
  • Automate the workflow of human resources management and provide ‘single window’ services to employees.
  • Provision for timely & reliable management information relating to human resources for effective decision making within an organization.
  • Enhance Information Exchange and Sharing.
  • Facilitate Planning and Training of Human Resources.
  • Effective Feedback on Training/ Knowledge Acquisition

Feature List

  • Recruitment.
  • Establishment.
  • Payroll.
  • Pension.
  • Appraisal.
  • Training.
  • Attendance.
  • Leave Management.
  • Tax Management.
  • Employee Portal.
  • Business Intelligence Solution

Library Management Module


Search Engine (OPAC i.e. ISO Standards)

Member Details

Stock Verification



Purchase/Inventory Mgmt. Module


The Stores and Purchase module constitutes the vital role in utilization of company resources as Management view is always to decrease the lock period of its raw material. In this regard, every aspect of business transaction is taken care of by defining the master such as store master, Item master, UOM, Bin master, finished goods master etc. Also the various input transactions such as Gate Entry, Material Requirement Note (MRN), Material Requisition Entry (Internal), Material Issue, Store return, Gate pass etc.

Major Objectives:

Facilitate the movement of incoming and outgoing physical goods involving multiple manufacturers and customers. Decrease overall operating costs by converting manual processes into automated and streamlined processes. Sustain cost savings for all spend categories with a standard, sustainable approach to strategic and operational procurement.

Perform the complete procure-to-pay process, including requisitioning, purchase-order management, and invoice verification. Manage catalog content and enable employee self-service procurement of material and services. Integrate all business partners, including designers, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. Collaborate efficiently with suppliers on product development, purchase-order management; invoice processing, and payment management.


  • Issue Of Items Against Requisition.
  • Item Return Details.
  • Rejection of Items.
  • Auction of Rejected Items.
  • Issue of Items for Job Work.
  • Direct Issue of Items.
  • Stock Transfer Cancellation
  • A.M.C
  • Stock Status (Consumable/Dead Stock wise).
  • Item In / Out Status.
  • PO Generation.
  • PO Cancellation.
  • Purchase Return.
  • Item In Challan.
  • Requisition Of Items.
  • Issue Of Items Against Requisition.

Warehouse Management

Record and track the quantity and value of all materials, perform physical inventory, and optimize all warehouse resources.
Plan, enter, and document warehouse-internal stock movements by managing goods receipts, goods issues, storage, picking and packing, physical stock transfers, and transfer postings


Manage workload planning, order consolidation, handling-unit management, and real-time monitoring of all activities.
Lower transportation costs through consolidated orders and shipments.
Reduce warehouse costs through optimized use of resources and assets.

Features List:

  • Indenting, Requisition, Processing
  • TDS
  • Supplier Details
  • Product Code
  • Purchase Order Formalities
  • Goods Inward Note Details
  • Stock Register – In/Out


Alumni can stay connected to their college. Students can be in touch with all registered colleges in MIMX and know what’s going on. Students can get updated online courses , tests required for placements . Staff can prepare documentation on tough topics and they can even add tutorials on topics required . Colleges can display notifications , events and can conduct fund raising campaigns .

Document Management System (DMS)

Document management system is designed for capturing, managing, sharing, and securing the information that powers critical management operations and improve efficiency. Document Management assists users with collecting, storing, tracking and controlling documents and information through both physical documentation as well as digital content.


Eliminates time-consuming and error-prone effects of handling paper documents and storing files.

Capture, identify, store, and dispose of operation documents.
Document scanning incorporates paper documents within the document management system for more efficient sharing and storage.

Provides enterprise document storage with control, consistency and security.

Major Objectives:

Facilitates a common centralized database to support and manage any kind of electronic information.

Effectively reduces the chances of a document being accidentally lost or destroyed.

Comprehensive document management features seamlessly integrated across all other modules.

Feature List

  • Complete support for virtually any type of Document Format
  • Linking between Documents and other objects.
  • Multiple Document Registration.
  • Automatic Indexing of Documents.Reviewing by groups of users.
  • Renditions to PDF and HTML.
  • Document Search on various parameters.
  • MIS Reports

Asset Management


Asset management would help in maintaining records of all the assets the organization wants to monitor. It will have details of their service schedules, maintenance records, depreciated value and schedule for replacement. The application could be set to trigger warnings for any of these events, so that one is able to maintain regular cycles of repair and renewal, thereby establishing standard process for investment decision-making.

  • Easily accesses a complete audit trail with history/actions performed by all users.
  • Calculates depreciation for one book or multiple books.
  • Computes and retains depreciation figures for past, current and future periods.
  • Creates ‘Parent/Child’ asset relationships to establish key dependencies and hierarchies.
  • Produces a full range of standard and Customized reports and forecasts.
  • Conducts full and partial Asset disposals, transfers, relief’s, revaluations and splits.
  • Uploads Asset images for identification purposes.
Feature List
  • List of all the Assets.
  • Their values and Possession Status.
  • Their Placement within Departments or People Specific.
  • The total value of Depreciation shall be Calculated Accordingly and Displayed on Yearly basis.

Facilities Management Module


  • AMC
  • Telecom & ISP
  • Security Servicing Details
  • Premises Maintenance Details
  • Generator Maintenance Records
  • Lab Maintenance
Feature List
  • Alumni Details
  • Alumni’s News and Events
  • Search on Various Parameters
  • MIS Reports
  • Communicate with old friends, seniors, juniors and batch mates
  • University / institute Alumni office can update information about alumni’s whereabouts
  • Community Service
  • Social Events
  • Intellectual Stimulation

Alumni Management System


Alumni management system promotes interaction among alumni and provides newcomers to the university with valuable social and professional contacts. Membership also provides a way for alumni to help each other as well as prospective students, current students, and young alumni, who seek guidance in pursuing their education and in starting their careers. All association members can derive satisfaction from developing and implementing programs that promote the interests of alumni.

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Placement Management Module


  • Student Profiles
  • Summer Placement Details
  • Final Placement
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Short term Projects
  • Program Scheduler

Transportation Management Module


Vehicle Maintenance & Transportation System, is designed to keep track of all vehicles, their maintenance and activities in an organization. This system also includes a repair scheduling functionality, part itemization and tracking vehicle data.

The system provides solution to manage the maintenance of vehicles for maximum efficiency and longevity. The activity cycle for each vehicle can be controlled by distance, days, hours or fixed date. Activities can either be scheduled individually or automatically up to any future date.

The system also provides for complete integration of the transportation related issues like route planning, transport fees, etc of students and staff , who use the university transport facility.

Major Objectives:


  • Descriptions of Vehicles, including year, make, Model and Registration Data.
  • General Maintenance History.
  • Preventive Maintenance and repair Tracking for Entire fleet.
  • Tracking of Fuel Purchases and Statistics.
  • Tire Inventory.
  • Deprecation Calculation.
  • Fees Collection
  • Route planning
  • Route changes

Feature List:


  • Vehicle Type.
  • Vehicle Make.
  • Maintenance Workshops.
  • Vehicle Details.
  • Vehicle Officer Mapping.
  • Vehicle Driver Mapping.
  • Vehicle Logbook Creation.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Details.
  • Fees Collection Reports
  • Analysis of viability of routes
  • Various MIS Reports.

High Level Conceptual Solution Architecture

Management Hierarchy
  • Centralized Web Based System
  • Access and work on the solution from “anywhere”, using “any device” with internet connectivity.
  • Availability of Real Time Business Information at all levels.
  • Consistent & Secured System.
  • Very effective Decision Support System (DSS) that helps in timely Decision making

Hostel & Mess Management Module


  • Application
  • Caution Deposit
  • Block Details
  • Mess Details
  • Hostel Furniture
  • Search Engine

Out of Scope but can be Integrated:


  • Smart Card Reader
  • Biometric Attendance device
  • Bar Code Scanners for Library
  • Point of Sale (POS Devices at cafeteria, gym, campus stores)
  • Examinations & Evaluation System
  • E-Learning Systems
  • Mobile interfaces
  • Campus wide Payment and settlement systems
  • e-Tendering,
  • File movement system
  • Letter I/O movement