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Google Classroom and the Future of Learning

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Google Classroom and the Future of Learning

Google Classroom helps with the creation of a virtual classroom space, despite not being a full-fledged learning management system. It does have some features that make it resemble a learning management system in some ways. But the thing is that it works best together with an existing learning management system in your school.

Google Classroom helps you with managing Google Drive. If the school uses Google Apps for education or is using Gmail or Google drive for that purpose, then the platform helps with managing these tools in a more effective and efficient manner.

How it Helps?

There’s much to accomplish with Google Classroom by your side as there are some outstanding benefits to using Google classroom. Here are some of them:

  • Students can easily and effectively use Google tools such as Google Docs.
  • It is easier to organize assignments and reduce the usage of paper within the classroom.
  • Teachers can easily create lessons using the Google Classroom
  • There will be less chances of cheating, paving the way for greater learning.
  • Teachers can meet with students in “virtual” office hours as they can address concerns without being face to face if they need help.
  • Build up a sense of teamwork between the students.
  • Give appropriate and real time feedback so students do not lose interest in the learning activities
  • It is easy for teachers to add students to their Google Classrooms
  • Teachers can easily share announcements and assignments with different classrooms at the same time, reducing their efforts.
  • It provides an opportunity for teachers to check who is actually working on team assignments and who isn’t.
  • It opens the doors for personalized learning.

Some More Enticing Features of the Google Classroom

Google Classroom has been around for quite some time since its introduction in 2014. There are some enticing features that were added on to it to make it even more effective for the classroom environment.

Using Old Assignments to Create New Ones

Old announcements as well as assignments from other classes can be used once more to save teachers time in creating challenging assignments and exercises for their different classes. They can revise the tests and announcements to check for any errors. It’s about working smarter as compared to harder. Google Classroom can also synchronize with Google calendar in order to track assignments, announcements and events that have a due date.

Increasing Student Responsiveness

The student response system built into the Google Classroom allows the students to ask questions in the classroom streaming page. This initiates an encouraging question driven forum type discussions to get more of the students involved with learning from each other. This utilizes the concept of peer learning that was discussed in one of the earlier blogs.

A video, photo or article can be posted by a student, for example, related to a particular subject such as math, science or history, accompanied by a question that they had regarding it. Students could go through the material and respond with answers for the question posted by the first student.

Teachers can check in with student’s progress at any time and from anywhere with this useful Google Classroom feature.