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College Management Systems and how they can make College Attendance better

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We discussed in our last blog about how college management systems help to solve some overarching issues faced in colleges. These issues included classroom discipline and management. One of the facets of classroom management and discipline is attendance. When a student is absent from the developing years of college life, their academic performance starts to drop. Poor attendance levels relate to poor results to a higher degree, which ultimately impacts the student’s ability to get into a good university for professional grooming and development.

Regular attendance has shown student learning to increase, as well as a growth in their academic performance. Truant and tardy students are also likely to be affected by their relation with the college faculty. Fortunately, a college management system with built in attendance management features can help strategize and implement a strategy to foster higher college attendance.

Increased Personalized Learning

It may be difficult to gather student’s attention in colleges because they are still developing and may not be willing to put in that extra effort in classrooms. With a college management system, a teacher can devise a learning plan that includes a high degree of personalization in student-teacher interactions.

This is possible through the myriad of digital tools that come with a college management system to encourage the student to participate in classroom activities. It will increase the learning of students and result in higher attendance in the process. Gamifying learning is an excellent way to get students to engage actively in classroom activities and have a more fulfilling experience in college.

Online Quizzes and Tests

Once you create a personalized learning environment, the next logical step would be to test what the students have learnt thus far. Web and mobile based online tests are a great way to encourage students to apply the knowledge that they learnt in class in the test.

Online quizzes, surveys and tests help improve the students’ knowledge and skills with a newfound confidence. Adding the extra requirement that the quizzes and tests can’t be completed from home and must be done in class will give the students an extra motivation to attend their classes in college.

Rewarding Positive Behavior

When you have a rewards system in place through which you award students for fair behavior and good performance, you will be able to encourage the behavior in other students and increase their attendance in college classes in the process. When you see things going wrong in the classroom, like disruptive behavior, a college management system that tracks classroom incidents can be used.

This system will allow you to get notified with automatic alerts, insights and reports to deal with rowdy students accordingly. It’ll also help you improve the classroom attendance in the process.

Biometric Absence Tracking

Once biometric tracking of students is implemented through RFID devices in college campuses tied to the college management system, the students will be motivated to attend. This is especially true if they know that their attendance will count toward their final grade in classes.